What are some habits that are good to get into?

· Be your own best friend. We cannot love others without loving ourselves first.

· Take better care of yourself. Let each of us remember Eubie Blake’s idea: “If I’d known I’d live this long I’d have taken better care of myself.”

· Make time to improve on your skills every day. Be it writing, painting or gardening that garden of yours, make time for it every day and stick to it.

· Start producing work that fuels your best self. If you are doing a job that you love, good for you. If not, it is time to look closely at what gives you pleasure. Find out what your heart is calling out to.

· Be with people who inspire and rejuvenate you. You and I have a short amount of time on this planet. We should not waste it on people who keep dragging us down.

· Forgive, let go and move forward. You do this for yourself, not for anyone else. Carrying resentments, hatred and ill-thoughts towards others are creating toxins inside your body literally.

· Stop trying to change people. You are not sitting on the driver’s seat when it comes to someone else’s life. You can only change yourself.

· Stop trying to control people. What they should say or do and how they should behave, etc. This behavior is not cool. It’s not okay. It is definitely not sexy.

· Learn to take deliberate time to do something nice for someone else. Without expecting anything in return.

· Tell the people that you love: you love them. “Love” should never be taken for granted. Do not wait for the other person to tell you how they feel. Do your part. Tell them. “Love” is not a game like Chess where you wait for the other person to make a move before you make yours.

· Show your love by your actions. Love is not just a feeling. It is a choice and a decision. It is an act. If you don’t show the one you love that you love him/her through your daily actions, then you do not love.

· Focus on what’s important — relationships. That is the most important “thing” in our lives. Don’t neglect, ignore, or dismiss the people who mean the most to you. Life is short. They won’t always be there.

· Choose love. Be love, instead of being right. Be love, instead of hate.

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