Relationship Blind Spots: How To Stop Missing What’s Right in Front of You

The most common blind spots in relationships and what you can do about them.

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We all — every one of us — exhibit patterns of behavior that are obvious to everyone but that we cannot see. We deny that they exist. These are our “bling spots”. Carl Jung called them our “shadow”.

Sometimes, in a trick of subconscious camouflage, we don’t know how to be aware of unconscious behavior we are exhibiting in a relationship.

“There’s something much worse than seeing the dark side of reality: not seeing it at all.”

Areas in your relationship in which you continually do not see yourself or your situation realistically create big problems:

Watch out for the most common blind spots in relationships:





. Look in the mirror: you may be the problem

. Be curious about yourself

. Be accountable

. Ask your partner to let you know when they see the behavior

. Take an inventory of the challenging issues


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