Mistaking My Creative Work for a Human Child Almost Made Me Quit Writing

Too much emotional attachment to creative work hurts your creativity.

Mistaking your creative work for a human child might throw you off your path as a writer.

When people are too emotionally attached to their creative work, they often end up inadvertently murdering their creativity.

And worse, it might close your heart to the beauty of writing.

When you’re too attached to your creative work, danger lurks.

The solution isn’t to detach from your creative work completely — it’s simply to recognize when you’re too attached.

People’s opinions, comments, likes, and dislikes are none of your business.

Let people have their opinions on your creative work. More than that — let people criticize or reject your work, just as you and I are in love with our creative work. But never mistake your work for a human child.

You can only be in charge of producing the work itself. That’s a hard enough job.

A passionate Writer. An irreverent personal development trainer. Blogger at https://banchiinspirations.com. I am on a mission to write sparkling blog posts.

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