How Keeping My Eyes on My Own Work Helped Me Build a Successful Online Business

And 6 ways to help you keep your eyes on your work instead of comparing it to someone else.

Photo by Eric Torres from Pexels

When you compare your work to others, you are playing a dangerous game with your confidence.

When you are constantly focusing on someone else’s accomplishment, you ignore what really matters.

These 6 ways have helped me keep my eyes on building my blog. I hope they help you in keeping your eyes on your work:

Reject any notion that you need external proof of your own self-worth.

List your accomplishments.

Think about what you can learn from others.

We can always learn something from others — if we open our hearts and be willing enough.

When you ask, what can I learn from others? you learn from them, not pitting yourself against them.

Create goals particular to your individual aspirations.

Accept where your work is.

Be your own ally.


A passionate Writer. An irreverent personal development trainer. Blogger at I am on a mission to write sparkling blog posts.

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