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Do you find yourself changed because of someone else’s behavior? Do you get affected when someone sneers at you for no reason at all? Does your demeanor change with one snobby look? Do you want to get an inspirational material to help you?

Are you goaded into negative behavior due to someone else’s attitude and action? Especially when those people who drive you crazy are relative strangers? Is this behavior weighing you down like a stone around your neck every time it happens?

If so, you are not the exception. In fact, you are one of the many people who live on this planet who do battle with small and unimportant things as compared to who you are and what you can become.

“Don’t become a victim of yourself. Forget about the thief waiting in the alley; what about the thief in your mind?” Jim Rohn

No matter what age you are, whatever work you do and wherever you are people annoy you. Some people just make you bristle so much with anger that your existence unravel at that moment and your spark is gone.

If these people who make you challenge yourself into changing your behavior are those close to you, then you go ahead and do the battle. They are worth it. Those closest to you need you and you need them as well.

If a friend gets angry with you, you would not leave the matter behind would you? That person is your friend and you would do whatever is necessary to reconcile.

If a co-worker wants a strife with you every time he/she sees you, again you would not just brush aside the matter would you? Your job is on the line. You will fight to change the situation and it is a worthy fight.

How about if a family member resents everything about you and has censure in his/her voice every time that relative talks to you? You would not just give up, would you? It is a family matter. So I bet you would try everything to make your relationship better. You will do the battle to the maximum in your own way.

Even if you are not successful in having the relationship that you want with the family member in question, I bet you are not sorry for trying. Because you have fought for a good cause.

If you are one of those people who do battle with only the important people in your life, then you are one of the inspirational ones. You work hard on your attitude. You condition yourself to act accordingly. You know which people are important to you and are not. You have decided ahead of any situation, only those people who matter to you will affect you in any way. Because of that principle, you have made yourself so strong emotionally that people who have no history with you will not goad you into having a negative emotion.

“What irritates us about others tell us an understanding about ourselves.” Carl Jung

Unfortunately, many of us give our consensus to do battle with unimportant things all the time. We waste so much energy battling unnecessary battle. Not only do we not try to stop this on-going battle, we do not even see it as a problem.

It might sound ridiculous, but answer the following sample questions truthfully to yourself.

  • In a transportation, if a passenger makes a statement that annoys you, do you go from sunny smile to a foggy grayness? Do you go to great lengths to change the stranger’s statement? Do you get angrier and angrier as the confrontation continues?
  • Do you talk to a waiter who brings you your coffee with a grim voice because he has made a slight mistake in your coffee? Do you beat him down relentlessly because of one mistake by your words and your tone of voice?
  • When you buy something from some place, do you get emotional because of something you did not like when you get the service? Do you do everything in your power to make the person that made you feel angry pay?

If ‘yes’ is your answer to the above questions, then you are fighting an unworthy battle. You do not know these people. You have no history with them. Then, why spend so much energy on them? If possible, do good to them. Leave a positive impression. If not, do nothing to hurt them.

Look at the some of the incredible grievances of doing battle with every one you meet:

  • You zap your energy with negative emotion.
  • You spend your energy fighting with inconsequential things and will be left with very little for your important people.
  • Negativity breeds on more negativity. Hence, your behavior on the unwanted battle will be your behavior at home and work place.

Do the following to choose your battles:

  • When you wake-up in the morning, do a mental exercise. Decide in your mind that no one will goad you into negativity.
  • Every time you are tempted to do battle with a person ask yourself: Is it worth it? Will it matter tomorrow? In a few weeks’ time? In a few months’ time? In a year?
  • Do the question mentally every time a situation arises that taunts you to fight or not to.
  • Make it a habit.

If you want more tips on the subject go to: https://personalexcellence.co/blog/choose-your-battles/

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Originally published at https://banchiinspirations.com on June 27, 2018.

A passionate Writer. An irreverent personal development trainer. Blogger at https://banchiinspirations.com. I am on a mission to write sparkling blog posts.

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