A teacher. Top writer in BlackLivesMatter, Racism. Writing mainly about covert racism that doesn’t always march down the street. https://banchiinspirations.com.

Black people are looking for the same progression opportunities as our white peers.

A letter to my white boss
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He made me feel guilty for asking for a pay rise.

Worse, he said, “I’ve given you everything you’ve ever wanted”.

I gave classes to his company’s clients for 5 years. I sweated and worked like hell without complaining about the kajillion classes he dumped on my table. I was…

5 main reasons

A sad black woman
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He talked over me in all his mastery, glory, and prowess.

The modulators were interested in bringing me in to speak because they realized their online company needed more diverse voices. When I raised my hand and spoke, a white guy cut me off.

He talked for the rest of…

#4. Protect yourself on social media

A black woman closing her eyes and just breathing
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Writing about racism is invigorating.

But it’s also draining. It takes a toll on your mental health and well-being.

Sometimes you write so many articles about racism without recharging or resting that you become depleted.

You feel exhausted.

You could sleep for years.

You’re burned out.

Words you wrote that…

Race and gender continue creating tangible barriers to black women’s professional advancement

Dark sky
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My black lawyer friend just heard devastating news.

What she hoped for and deserved is not going to be.

For ten years, my friend has worked for a law firm. Even in a global pandemic, she works more than her white peers. She works on issues close to her heart…

Banchiwosen Woldeyesus: Ethiopian Blogger

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